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What are Fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore volume loss due to aging or genetics. They can be used to build structure to the face, such as cheek bones, or fill volume deficits, such as in the lips. There are several brands of fillers, with 3 general types. Hyaluronic acid (like Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse), calcium based (Radiesse), or collagen stimulating (Sculptra). These fillers have their own unique benefits, are all biocompatible with the body, and safe to use for a large majority of people.

What to Expect with Fillers

During your filler appointment, your provider will first perform a consultation to discuss your treatment goals and a facial assessment will be done. If necessary, topical numbing will be applied for your comfort. Depending on how many areas are being treated, the injections themselves can take 15 minutes to about an hour. Results are seen immediately after treatment. However, it can take up to 2 weeks for “final” results to be seen. This is when the filler settles and any post-procedure related swelling or bruising has fully subsided. Follow ups are recommended 2 weeks after treatment to ensure the best results.

Popular Treatment Areas






Nasolabial (Smile Lines)



Superficial Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Buttocks (Non-Surgical BBL)

Possible Side Effects

Overall, side effects of injectables are relatively minor. Common side effects include




Tenderness around the injection site

These typically resolve after a few days up to 2 weeks. It is recommended to allot 2 full weeks for recovery before any big events

Filler FAQ's

Lip fillers typically last 6 months to a year.
Dermal fillers are gel like substances injected beneath the skin to create fullness and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.
Under eye fillers last an average of 9-12 months
The needles used to inject fillers are very small and pain is minimal. You may feel some discomfort and bruising, but those are temporary. Typically your practitioner will apply a numbing cream prior to injecting and that helps minimize your discomfort.
Lip fillers are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.
It is advised to wait on oral for 2-3 weeks, allowing for full healing of your amazing new lips.
It’s recommended to wait anywhere from 24 hours to a week for that make out session. It depends on the level of swelling and sensitivity of the individual.
Chin fillers, depending on brand used, can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
Dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on the type of filler and location of treatment on the client.
Depending on the filler brand and the injection site, the swelling goes down within 24-48 hours, and it will take 2-4 weeks for the product to “settle” fully.
After your lip filler treatment in Scottsdale, you can apply ice off and on for the first 48 hours to help minimize swelling. You should avoid caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours before your treatment, and for at least 24 hours after your treatment. Also avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours, as this can increase swelling and bruising. You can apply topical Arnica gel, which you can purchase at your local drugstore or pharmacy.
Most reputable brands of fillers on the market are considered safe.
It’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours after your lip filler treatment at NK Aesthetics before applying any lip gloss or lipstick. You may apply vaseline or lip balm, as long as it is new or cleaned off. We do not want to risk infection!
Yes, but avoid crunchy or chewy foods that will force your mouth to move too much. Avoid spicy food that can irritate your treatment areas.
Of course! Lip fillers done at NK Aesthetics are always natural and do not change your smile. Time to show off your new lips!
A typical filler appointment is an hour or longer. All filler appointments start with a consultation and then either topical or injectable numbing is applied for your comfort. The filler injections themselves may take 5-10 minutes per area treated.
After the procedure, you may have some swelling and possible bruising. It is also normal to be sore for a couple of days. The initial swelling and bruising will usually last 3-5 days. Although you will see a result right away, it takes about 3 weeks for the filler to fully settle. For Sculptra, results are seen in 6-8 weeks.